The origin of lace remains a mystery. There is no definite date, but the first elements of lace date back to the early sixteenth century. After its hype in the 1700s, lace had a slight dip in popularity until the late 1800s. And now, every year, lace features on catwalks from Paris to New York. In summer, lace is very popular because it’s so light and breezy. In winter, red and black lace dresses add that feeling of style to the holidays, and so many brides have chosen to wear lace to the most beautiful day of their lives. So take your pick, what hand made lace dress will you be wearing this year?

Lace is the best fabric to accentuate your feminine curves in a stylish and fashionable manner. And the great thing about lace is that you don’t really need to worry about finding the right accessories, our hand made lace will make that prince jump of his white horse to take a closer look, even if you are not wearing glass heels.

For years now, Olvi’s creates a unique designer range of exquisite lace pieces. We love lace because it’s elegant, delicate, sophisticated and it creates a highly individual look. We love to make dresses for women that dare to stand out. We have created a unique lace pattern that is the Olvi’s flower, making each and every dress as unique as the woman who wears it. Olvi’s dresses are made of the finest French stretch lace that feels as comfortable as yoga wear but looks absolutely fairy-like.

It takes a lot of time, attention and love to create the lace that Olvi’s dresses are made of. The craft of lace making is an old and complex one and dates back from once upon a time. There are several lace techniques, like needle lace or Bobbin Pillow lace. For Olvi’s, all different types of lace are used. In fact, a lot of Royal wedding gowns are made of lace. It can take a team of twenty-three to create the lace for a royal wedding gown. We pay the same attention to the dresses of our self-made princesses.